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  • David W. Cook
    President, IBC

    Thank you for your interest in International Bible Center Now, more than ever, IBC is the place! IBC has a program to prepare you for your life's calling... for the mission field or for evangelistic, pastoral or lay ministry.

    Our biblical studies department has two areas of study. Our students are able to specialize in the major areas of biblical studies or missions, and we soon will be offering a one-year Christian worker's certificate.

    For more than 60 years, International Bible Center has been preparing students for their generation. Over the years, people from around the world have gained biblical knowledge, spiritual impartation and practical training. We, the ministering team at IBC, are committed to creating a learning environment where God's Spirit is active and where leaders are produced with a heart for God and a burning passion for the lost. We want to provide our students with a solid biblical foundation and equip them with practical Christian training. Through our training and mentoring emphasis, we hope to nurture mature character and help each one fulfill God's will in their lives.

    Give serious thought and prayer to your decision about joining our family of students. You will be making one of the most important decisions of your life. If you choose to join us, you will soon discover why IBC is unlike any other Bible training center.

  • IBC's program of study in the discipline of ministry leadership is in biblical studies with concentrations in pastoral ministry and missions.


    In biblical studies there are two options -- the two-year Certificate of Biblical Studies and the four-year Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies.

    Certificate of Biblical Studies

    The Certificate of Biblical Studies program requires the student to earn 64-semester hours of credit, including four field education credits, and maintain a 2.0 GPA. It is possible to complete the program during two years of studies. The student will complete 37 hours of biblical and theological studies, 13 hours of professional studies and 14 hours of general studies. The student must select a concentration in ministry (religious education) or missions to complete the program.

    Because this program constitutes the first two years of the four-year Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies program, it is considered prerequisite for advancement into the four-year program. The studies offered in the Certificate of Biblical Studies are composed of lower division study courses, i.e., first digit of the course number is a 0, 1 or 2.

    Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies

    The Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies is a four-year program of study. It requires the student to earn at least 128-semester hours of credit (includes completion of the prerequisite Certificate of Biblical Studies) while majoring in Bible and theology courses (a minimum of 67 hours). Thirty hours must be accomplished in general education studies, in addition to 31 hours in professional studies. This program contains concentrations in ministry and missions application. The student will choose a concentration of studies from the Division of Professional Studies in either ministry or missions' courses.

    Ministry Concentration is a minor field of study focusing on skills for leadership in pastoral ministry (senior, assistant or departmental pastor), in evangelism or parachurch ministry.

    Missions Concentration is minor field of study focusing on skills for leadership in all types of missions applications.

    English as a Second Language

    Click Here for information about the ESL Program at IBC.

  • Student life at IBC affords opportunities for spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development. One of the most important areas of consideration is the student's spiritual life; therefore, the spiritual element is present in dormitory meetings, picnics, athletic events, social functions and in each student's Christian service ministry assignment. IBC students are challenged to serve God and to study His Word.

    Church Life

    ALL students must faithfully attend and participate in the services of a local church. For the first two years at IBC, students outside the city are expected to connect with International Bible Church.


    Chapel is part of the curriculum at IBC. Students and faculty alike often are inspired and challenged by the diverse ministries, Christian leaders and missionaries who share their global experiences in ministry. The preaching, testimonies and worship historically have exerted an influence in the lives of students. IBC alumni who currently fill active roles in ministry and missionary service often trace their call to Christian service to an IBC chapel service.

    Daily Prayer

    It is the conviction of the president that one of the most important activities in the life of a Christian is his/her devotional time. Personal prayer, as well as corporate prayer, is an integral part of student life. Students, faculty and staff meet daily to pray and seek the Lord and each class begins with prayer. In addition, a weekly prayer time is set aside for unreached people groups, missionaries and nations of the world.

    Social Life

    IBC considers the social life of its students essential in developing Christian character and poise. Dormitory, family community and campus wide socials are organized throughout the year in an effort to present a balanced program of social activities. Friendships formed while at IBC often develop into lifelong relationships.

    Dormitory Organization and Life

    Affordable dormitory housing is provided for single students. Each dormitory is supervised by its respective men's or women's dean. The deans serve a dual role of manager/minister. Each dean is available for counseling and prayer with the students. Weekly dorm meetings are designed to cover issues relating to dorm life, but more importantly, afford students the opportunity to minister to each other's individual needs under the leadership of the dormitory dean.

    IBC believes that responsibility begins in the home and that the dorm is home while attending IBC. Everyone pitches in. Each dorm student will be assigned chores that will take approximately an hour per week (in addition to the TRIP hours). There also is daily room inspection, so rooms are expected to be clean.

    Family Community Life

    The family community provides a protected environment for its residents and is convenient to IBC's library, main office, classrooms and additional campus facilities.


    College athletics promote good recreation and physical health. IBC's gymnasium is available to IBC students who wish to play volleyball or basketball for physical exercise. The gym also includes an exercise area.

    Wireless Internet

    Filtered Wireless Internet is available it students at various locations around campus

  • Admissions criteria are inseparably linked with the ultimate purpose of a school. International Bible Center desires to admit students whose character, motivation and abilities are in accord with its program. IBC seeks men and women whose primary aim in life is to glorify the Lord and to proclaim the Good News.


    Evaluation of the application particularly centers in the following four areas:

    - Spiritual
    - Academic
    - Financial
    - Physical and Emotional

    To Apply, Click Here for the Application Form (PDF)

    Financial Aid and Assistance

    IBC offers Free Tuition for Full-Time On-Campus Students

    To Find out more, Click Here for complete Financial Information (PDF)

    IBC also offers two financial assistance plans to full-time students:

    1) a 12-month payment plan;

    2) TRIP. 100% tuition reduction to all full-time freshmen dormitory students who meet the criteria for the program. TRIP does not cover reductions in other areas, such as room and board, textbooks, fees or extraneous charges. Students who are awarded the monthly tuition reduction must meet all other financial obligations on time, maintain a "B" average, remain faithful to the local church body, adhere to all regulations outlined in the student handbook and contribute five hours a week to campus labor.

    To apply for the 12-month payment plan and/or TRIP, students must complete the admissions process and be officially accepted as a full-time student at IBC.

  • International Bible Center is authorized to enroll non-immigrant alien students. In keeping with guidelines set forth by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, IBC requires international students to complete the same admissions process as any other student.

    In addition, international students are required to supply the following:

    1. Documentation of proven English proficiency for any applicant whose secondary preparation has been in a school where English is not the principal language of instruction. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores may be submitted to the Admissions Office, or verification from a U.S. pastor or missionary, stating that the applicant is proficient in the English language. At least one of these documents is required for admission.

    2. Documentation of sufficient financial resources for the duration of the planned program of study. Submit the Confidential Financial Statement certifying your personal funds and/or Financial Certification forms for all financial sponsors. According to U.S. law, international students may not accept off-campus employment or receive payment for services rendered for the first 12 months of residency in the United States; therefore, they must come prepared to pay full tuition, fees and living costs. International students may apply for on-campus employment to help defray tuition costs.

    3. Secondary school records verifying an education equivalent to that of a U.S. high school education. If the original documents are not in English, an English translation must be furnished.

    4. Records from any college or university previously attended which are not in English. An official English translation must be included.

    International students should allow a minimum of four months for the completion of files and subsequent review by an Admissions Officer.

    When the entire file is complete, an Admissions Officer will review it. Upon approval for acceptance in IBC, a "Letter of Acceptance" and an I-20 Form will be sent to the applicant. To maintain approved status, international students must maintain 12 units per semester and a satisfactory GPA.

    English as a Second Language

    Click Here for information about the ESL Program at IBC.


    Located on one of the highest hills in northwest San Antonio is the 10-acre International Bible Center campus. IBC was started as International Bible College when World War II temporarily halted the pioneer missionary work of its founder, Leonard W. Coote.

    Having established a Bible training school in Ikoma, Japan, the Lord challenged his heart to build a Bible training center in the United States. His son, David B. Coote, was president for 49 years before retiring in 1995. President David W. Cook continues the vision today.


    IBC specializes in Bible education and Christian service training. The ordinary purpose of a Bible college is to offer intensive instruction in God's Word, so that by the time of graduation the student will have a thorough understanding of the Bible, combined with the ability to effectively apply its truth under the leadership and enduement of the Holy Spirit. Its major offerings are within the Bible, strongly implemented by practical disciplines. Bible courses are further supplemented by basic courses in the general studies, designed to apply Bible knowledge to a life of Christian service.


    Because International Bible Center was founded by a missionary with a worldwide vision, every means possible is developed to foster this purpose. During the school year, many outstanding missionary and evangelistic speakers come to the chapel to speak. An annual missions trip is scheduled for upperclassmen. In the spring, students attend a week-long missionary conference sponsored by a local church.


    International Bible Center is:
    Approved by the Texas State Approval Agency for the training of veterans under Section 1776, Chapter 36, Title 38, United States Code.
    Approved by the United States Department of Justice for the enrollment of foreign students.
    A member of the Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship (ORUEF)

    IBC has close working relationships with several ministerial and church fellowships. These include:
    The International Ministerial Association
    The Bethel Ministerial Association
    The Independent Assemblies Fellowship
    Global Fellowship Network
    Liberty Fellowship
    United Gospel Tabernacles
    Church on the Rock Ministries
    United Evangelical Churches
    Full Gospel Assemblies of America
    Worldwide Missionary Evangelism
    Apostolic World Christian Fellowship
    International Ministerial Forum
    World Wide Ministries

    International Bible Center is not authorized by the State of Texas to grant degrees and is not accredited by an accrediting association recognized by the State of Texas.


Bethany Cathcart

Thank you International Bible College for the four wonderful years you have invested into my life. IBC taught me the importance of living life for the King and His Kingdom and to keep Jesus the center of everything. I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to every teacher that poured into me at this school. With all my heart I say this school has been my million dollars. Thank you Jesus for letting me go to IBC!

Richard and Fonda Hays

In August 1973, Fonda and I called ahead and asked Brother David that if there was no housing available, could we pitch our tent on the lawn. Since that time, Brother David has called us: Abraham and Sarah. And so began our Journey

IBC helped us obtain a good broad through understanding the Bible. There were many times that I watched different winds of doctrine blow, but it was because of the Bible foundations that we received at IBC, that we could recognize and hold fast to the truth of the Word of God.

Fonda and I are the directors of Christian Community International. We help lead a network of churches and leaders in Mexico and different nations. We work intensively in leadership preparation and help direct the following schools: Foundations for Leadership, Master Builder and the Institute of Theology, Leadership and Christian Life. We are also the Senior Pastors of Christian Community International – Monterrey.

Visit us at www.cci-world.org

Jason King

There are a few places where a person can be trained for actual ministry and International Bible Center happens to be one of them. IBC was instrumental in my assignment and calling as it prepared me to face whatever I have faced or will face in the future as I serve the Kingdom of God. This school has touched every aspect of my walk; from my biblical and spiritual foundation to my personal life. Each course was not only taught practically but they also imparted into my life ministry principles and a passion and love to see the gospel preached throughout the world. I know that wherever I minister I will draw from a deep well that began at International Bible Center”.
Jason King
Worship Pastor
Faith Bible Chapel, Arvada CO

Ashish J. Naidu

IBC's faithful vision to train and equip people for God centered and Christ exalting ministry has been a great testimony over the decades. I acquired a deep appreciation for God's Word, theology, and church history as an IBC student preparing for ministry. It was through the venue of IBC that God opened doors for further studies abroad, where I earned a terminal degree in theology. I thank God for the wisdom, insight, and the practical focus of the instructors under whom I studied the Bible. And now, as a seminary professor at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, I am passing on what I learned at IBC: training the next generation of leaders from all over the world to glorify God in faithful service to our Lord Jesus Christ and His church.

Ashish J. Naidu, Ph.D., Professor of Theology,
Talbot School of Theology, Biola University (Class of 1996, "Living Sacrifices").

Marcela Prado

IBC not only provided me with the training and education that I was looking for, but it also helped me discover hidden talents I didn't know I had. One of the most valuable things that I got from IBC was the interaction with other international students and their different cultures; it was an enriching experience to my personal life as it helped to broaden my view of the need for missions in the world. I thank God for the anointed group of people that instructed me during these unforgettable four years.

Blessings to you all!
Marcela Prado
(formerly from Colombia, South America)
Elementary Teacher, Rockport, IN

Dan Tomasik

“VISION”. When I think of IBC, the word “VISION” automatically comes to my mind. Why? Because one of the best things that IBC helped me to get in the course of the four years of study is the vision. Oh, yes there were excellent classes and teachers, there were people from many different countries, cultures and languages that I fell in love with, there were also many challenges and maybe even some problems. Coming from a different country, in the beginning I had difficulty understanding the language (English) and the culture. Did I want to go home after my 1st year? Oh, yes. But the vision kept me there.

I understand now, IBC helped me to “feed the vision” that God gave me for my country. IBC helped me to understand that my vision has to be bigger than my plans or my problems. If your problem is bigger than your vision you will complain about little things, because that problem is going to overcome the vision and you will only see the problem. But if your vision is great and is bigger than your problem then your vision is going to cover or overcome the problem and you will keep your eyes on the bigger picture. As I went through IBC, I had problems but I was feeding the vision and it was growing and I did not feed my problems so they died. Now I am in Serbia preaching the good news and serving the good God -my Jesus. Do I face problems here? Oh, yes. But they eventually die because they don’t get any attention and the vision is well fed and nourished. It is stronger than anything else.

If you ask me what do I think of IBC, my answer would be: “ It is a great place for food- to feed your vision”. Dan Tomasik

Dot Delarosa

IBC has given me the confidence that I needed in ministry. As a minister I needed that knowledge that can only come from study, wisdom, insight, understanding, and of course the Holy Spirit. I am forever thankful to IBC and its staff for all their help. Everyone is a huge happy family and I have never felt anything but love, openness, understanding, compassion and a true home. I have long lasting relationships to this day. I praise God for the availability, help, prayers and strength that I received from all of my professors, pastors and friends. It's so important not only to have a calling in your life but it is equally as important to have the knowledge to back it up and that knowledge can only come from going to a place like IBC. I loved going there and continue to thank the Lord for the growth, prayers friends and guidance that I received during my time there.

Pastor Dot Delarosa.
Hope of Glory Church
San Antonio, Texas

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